Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A walk on the beach

I forgot to put this post up earlier near the shelter work days. On the second work day, Steph, Dustin and I were tasked with taking the dogs for a walk to the beach while Carter and Virginia cleaned up the shelter grounds. This is an interesting task, and "walking the dogs" is an extreme misnomer - really, they make a serious mad dash out the door of the shelter and run to the beach (which is about a 1/2 mile from the shelter) while the humans try to keep up behind them. What a riot - 40 dogs and the three of us trying to herd them to and fro. It was great really and amazing how they just know what to do - "we all go to the beach and after some play time, we all run back to the shelter!" I thought it would be very difficult getting them back into the shelter after the beach trip because they are always trying to get out! (Top photo shows Daniel keeping them back from the door when someone was trying to enter.) Two dogs at the shelter are even skilled enough to scale and get over a 6-foot brick wall! (This is quite a site.) But, when we started walking back, they again took the lead and rushed back into the shelter door. I suppose they know who is going to feed and take care of them after all.

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