Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Shelter

After a bit of coffee and bread and jam on Tuesday, June 22, our day of arrival, we changed clothes and headed straight to the shelter. Seven of us went to the shelter (riding in the back of a pickup truck) while about seven others went to the veterinary clinics for the spay/neuter clinic part of The Perros Project (two main projects going on here in Huanchaco and Trujillo - construction of the animal shelter and spaying and neutering of dogs). Let me just say, this dog shelter redefines anything I ever thought of as an animal "shelter" before. There are about 40 dogs there, all in one main area except for those who are a little vicious - they are in the "pens" - there is no roof and no floor and brick walls that are only about 6 feet high. I'll let the pictures speak more for me at this point and I'll write more about our work there in the next post.

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