Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Days 4 and 5 - clinic and rounding up dogs

Day four began with Natalie and I going to pick up two dogs in Huanchaco to take them to Trujillo for neuters. Courtney and Holly had gone out about town the day before doing outreach with Javier (our main contact who works at the municipality and has political pull). They basically talked to folks around town with dogs and offered that the next day we would come and pick up their dogs at their homes, take them for a free neuter or spay, and then return them in the evening. This went over well with some folks, but not surprisingly, some ended up refusing the next day when it actually came time to take their dog in. Perhaps they thought we wouldn't actually show up or perhaps (and fair enough!) it seemed a little odd that a couple of gringos were at their doorstep first thing in the morning asking to take their dogs away for surgery with a promise to return them later (would you let someone take your dog??).

So, Natalie and I got two street dogs who we knew had no official owners and took them in a cab to one clinic and others took dogs to the other clinic. The picture (sorry, can't figure out how to turn the pic around) is of Steph with Chili (we named him) who Natalie and I took into the other clinic - Ahren. Chili ended up throwing up on my fleece during the car ride. :) I washed it at the clinic, let it dry, and then used it as bedding for another dog in post-surgery recovery, who then peed on it. So, I donated my fleece to the clinic. We joked that some dog is going to be walking around Trujillo in a North Face fleece here soon! Ha. (Dogs in Peru often wear fleece sweaters this time of year - heading into their winter and it is about 67 for a high each day and they consider this cold.)
The second photo is actually from Day 5 when we started the day picking up three dogs (Lito, Cholo and Negra) - I am in the taxi cab with the three we are taking to Ahren clinic. Nice taxi drivers to let us take the dogs in their cabs!!

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