Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The trip

I'll make this short as no one really wants to hear much about a person's travel trials and tribulations. :) We left Portland, Oregon at about noon on Monday, June 21st, flew through Dallas, Texas, through Miami, Florida, and then on to Lima, Peru, which was the overnight flight from approximately 11pm to 4:30am. We (myself, my friend Stephanie, and her mother, Virginia) all managed to sleep for a few hours. We had some trouble in Lima as they told us that they had overbooked the flight to Trujillo and one of the three of us was going to have to wait until the next flight at 3:30pm. This was not working for us at 5:30am when we needed to be on a 6:20 flight to get to Trujillo to get to Huanchaco (pronounced "Juan chako") to work!! In short, we ran with a female employee of the airport to the gate, bypassing lines and hopping security lines with a mere flash of our passports in order to get to the gate to be the first on the standby list. Note, had we done this in the US, we would have been detained by security immediately and would NOT have gotten on any flight that day. We got there and they told us - "just get on the plane and take any seat you can find." So, we did. We arrived in Trujillo at 7:30am and a gentleman from the hotel took us to "Huankarute" (pronounced "Juan karootA") where we joined the other 15 volunteers of the Perros Project for breakfast! Next, we were met by the hotel bird, a parrot named Chilli! (in picture to left)

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