Saturday, July 3, 2010

Los Animales Me Importan!

Rather serendipitous, yes...there was an animal rights march in Trujillo on the that we were leaving for Lima. On Sunday, only Steph, her mother Virginia, Courtney, her brother Carter and I remained in Huanchaco. So, we took advantage of having Sunday without work to attend the March in Trujillo. Fernando, the vet from Ahren, was sort of the leader of this event and he was glad to see Steph, Virginia and I show up. We had also obtained t-shirts with the main March chant on them the day before: "Los Animales Me Importan."

I was amazed by the number of people that came out for this event! We marched for about 2 miles form the city center to Ovalo Papel, where Ahren vet clinic is located. Not only were there many people and dogs on the march, there were some cats, a couple hamsters, a bunny and even a mouse. These people take their "animal welfare for all" seriously!

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