Saturday, July 3, 2010

Honored by the city of Trujillo

On our last day of work, on Saturday, we were told to go to the Mayor's office in the city of Trujillo to be honored for our work. About half of us were able to attend the mini "ceremony" where the Mayor's next official in line and another official of his office presented us with individual certificates for our work with the Perros Project. The City also officially decreed that it was officially recognizing and committed to furthering the work of the Perros Project in Trujillo.
I think this was really quite remarkable and I really felt that it marked one point of success for this project. It is not that we needed mayoral recognition for our work there to be beneficial to the animals, but I think the recognition showed that the Perros Project was not about descending on Huanchaco and Trujillo with the ways of the US to show them how we think a shelter and a veterinarian clinic should run. Rather, the Perros Project had successfully worked with the communities on a project with a common understanding and a team approach. Certainly this relationship building with the community in all of the months leading to the actual project and throughout the project (which can only be attributed to Courtney and Matt) is a cornerstone of the success of the Project. I am grateful to have been a part of this sort of collaboration with these Peruvian cities and citizens.

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